Hey there! 👋

I have a med student girlfriend who loves all things anatomy! Her notes are amazing. One day, she lamented to me that there are no practical way for her to express her love for human anatomy. Hence, Gyrus Cinguli is born.

We are an art store that focuses on all things human anatomy. 👁️👃👂
Marbled phone cases? That's so yesterday...😐
Glitter phone cases? Too extra!🙄
Human anatomy art cases? YES, YES, YES! 😍

Our latest collaboration with Sarai Llamas include heart, uterus, pelvis and many more!
Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. As an appreciation, here's a surprise for you. Use this discount code: SURPRISE10 for 10% discount on your next order :)


Happy shopping! ❤️